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Coki Beach St.Thomas

By Tee1

The water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is your cliché postcard of a fun tropical beach. The water at Coki Beach is simply unbelievable. In addition to looking like it has been photoshopped, the water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is teeming with aquarium quality tropical fish.  Actually, a lot of these are actual aquarium fish…

Swami’s Beach, Encinitas, California

By Tee1

Located in the beautiful Southern California town of Encinitas, the internationally known Swami’s beach or reef is a immensely popular and occasionally crowded surf spot. Swami’s beach is right next door to a Self-Realization Fellowship ashram. Hence the name. Some parking is available above Swami’s beach in a small park on the cliff. There aren’t many…