Cheap Vacations to Sousse, Tunisia Beaches

By Tee1

Exotic Beach Vacation to Tunisia

An exotic getaway and extremely cheap beach vacation for intrepid travelers can be found at the Tunisia Beaches. Along the shores of the Mediterranean, North African beaches can be a great substitute for the crowded and expensive trips to Italy, France, Spain et al.

As the northernmost country in the African continent, the land mass of the Republic of Tunisia is about 64,000 square miles. The point furthest north in Africa is Cape Angela. To the west and southwest, Tunisia and its beaches are bordered by Algeria. To the southeast, one can find the chaos that is Libya. Finally, the joy and serenity of the Mediterranean Sea is north and east. With a 2014 population slightly under 11 million, Tunisia and its beaches have a lot of empty space.  The country is named after the capital city, Tunis, located on Tunisia’s gentle northeast shore.

Where is Sousse? 35°50′N 10°38′E

North Africa Beach Vacation in Sousse, Tunisia

With more than 800 miles of coastline, Tunisia includes a number of beach resorts suitable for a vacation. Granted bits of the country are totally third world, it does offer some nice scenery. The Med is split into east and west in Tunisia. Not including Gibraltar, Africa’s next two closest points to Europe are found in Tunisia.

The remains of Ancient Carthage are located in Tunisia. Students of history may remember the Carthaginian general Hannibal (247-182 BCE) crossing the Alps with elephants to catch the Romans by surprise. That is a pretty bold maneuver and worth contemplating even on a North African beach vacation in Tunisia.

For a period of a couple years, I frequented this North African country’s beach towns. This was just before the Arab spring. During my mini beach vacations, I usually stayed in Sousse or Hammamet. These beach spots were incredibly cheap and a good value for the money. Resorts were crowded with European holiday makers. Chances are that a beach vacation to France will be more sophisticated. That doesn’t mean Tunisia won’t be nice.

Cheap Trip to North African Beaches

If your goal is sun-bathing and not much more, the white powdery sands will be perfect. Of course, there is the added element of this being a Muslim North African place and there is a touch of exoticism. Souvenir shopping is unique and tasty seafood dishes can be savored here.

Since the Arab Spring, there have been occasional security challenges in Tunisia. Obviously, that needs to be considered before booking a trip there. Tunisia beaches are great, but keep that in mind.