Beach Vacation to Usedom Island, Germany’s Sunny Island in the Baltic

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The natural beauty of the Usedom Island beach and the elegance of its seaside communities such as Heringsdorf and Zinnowitz are part of the reason why the Isle of Usedom is a major German beach vacation and recreation spot. Castles, historic villages, as well as a few lakes can also be found in the hinterland.  So besides the spectacular Usedom Island beaches, there is quite a lot to do. Not surprisingly, this has been a summer playground for German and international nobility as well as the common folk for a number of years.

the Usedom-Beachcup in Karlshagen is the world’s largest beach volleyball tournament

Where is Usedom Island?  53°56′N 14°05′E

Beach Vacation to Usedom, Island

On both sides of the border, there are a significant number of hotels and smaller bed and breakfast. Yes, like St. Martin and St. Maarten,  the Isle of Usedom is split between two countries. Since the end of the second world war, Usedom has been split between Germany and the Poland. For what it’s worth, this lovely beach spot is the 2nd largest German Baltic Island after Rügen.

very popular on Usedom: chainsaw carving, of course!

It appears that the areas of the Usedom Island beach in Poland have been in use and settled for a number of years due to archaeological finds. For up to 70,000 years (since the Old Stone Age) Usedom has been an active coastal community.  Visitors are welcome to see a couple of the 4,000 to 2,000 BC megalithic tombs.

Great Sandy Beach on Sunny Island

The people of Usedom in the Bronze Age would trade amber in exchange for Mediterranean goods. Slavs colonized the region in the 7th century. Usedom is a derivative of the Slavic word for estuary, “uznam”. Further testament to the Slavic history, are place and village names that end in -itz, -ow, or -in.

This beach vacation spot is the sunniest place in the Baltic

The Isle of Usedom has been nicknamed Sunny Island, due to its over 1900 average hours of sunshine each year. The Usedom Island beach is both the sunniest island in the Baltic in addition to sunniest region of Germany and Poland too, including the nearby Kolobrzeg Beach.

The Isle of Usedom has over 100 miles of bike trails and 250 miles of hiking trails

Not quite the Virgin Islands, but a bit more culture at this sunny beach spot. The St. Peter Church is of particular importance. Check out Lyonel Feininger’s work, as the artist’s summer vacations were spent in Usedom for over a decade.

With knowledge being passed from generation to generation, the Isle of Usedom’s craftsmanship is a living part of daily life. Inspired by the authenticity and originality of the traditional crafts, Usedom is particularly popular with artists and musicians.

The majority of the island is German by territory, but the population is roughly equivalent between the two neighbors. The Usedom Island beach is lovely while the landscape of the rest of the Isle is hilly and spacious with woods and grasslands and the odd river or lake. Germany’s second largest island features a number of natural diversions.

Be it Michelin star chefs, home cooking or simply fresh fish, while you on this pleasant island you live well. People will find that for all tastes and budgets, fine food is available.

Since the Gründerzeit back in the 19th century, the isle of Usedom has been a popular beach spot for tourists. The Gründerzeit was a golden age in Germany and Central Europe that coincided with the Industrial Revolution. The island’s beach resort architecture and unique noble mansions reflect this era. Some important resorts on Usedom’s coast include Kaiserbad and Świnoujście in the east and the Amber Spas and Zinnowitz in the west.

Visit Usedom’s sandy beaches : more than 25 miles

The Isle of Usedom beaches are white and sandy and stretch uninterrupted for over 25 miles. Another notable feature of the island is longest beach promenade in Europe. You can enjoy Sunny Island from the one of the 5 historic piers while you admire the many Resort Architecture style mansions and villas.

In addition to the fine sandy beaches, the Isle of Usedom offers a choice of three nature parks: the Nature Park at the Szczecin Lagoon, Nature Park Riverscape Peene Valley and the well known Nature Park Island of Usedom. This island paradise should be visited by all sailors and wind or kite surfers.

A total of 38 ports or marinas deliver superb conditions and with a wide choice of berths. In addition to modern 5-star standards, there are also a few harbors and resting places hidden away.

move over San Diego here comes Usedom

Usedom is a terrific place for a family-holiday beach in the Baltic or just a couple days to decompress from your vacation while you are on vacation. Build some sand castles, play in the water, and find some shells by seashore. With miles upon mile of sandy beach and fantastic weather…move over San Diego here comes Usedom.

Thank you very much to an old friend and colleague, Sebastian J. for the help compiling the photos.  I had the privilege of working alongside Seb on a project for a few years in sunny little Malta. Seb is a very good man, hails originally from Germany and knows a bit about card games.