Ya Nui Beach, Phuket, Thailand

By Tee1

On the southern coast of Phuket Island, Ya Nui Beach is frequently bypassed by its larger and more well known neighbor Nai Harn. This exotic beach is located in a small cove and considered a gem of a beach where it is possible to enjoy some peace. The beach at Ya Nui is one of the best beaches in Phuket and can be found between two of the area’s more impressive sights: the Windmill Viewpoint (Nai Harn) and Laem Phrom Thep.

From this quaint and charming beach spot located in a cove, you will enjoy walking along the incredibly soft sand. The beautiful sand beach has a fair amount of shells just waiting to be found. Its a relaxed place that lends itself to low key activities like fishing, kayaking or possibly snorkeling.

The Ya Nui beach is sheltered by a smallish island that is less than 1km off the coast. Its a nice distance for a paddle to the reef if you have a kayak.  In calm weather yachts moor off this island, Koh Keyao Noi. Ya Nui beach is split by a rock formation.

Where is Ya Nui Beach? 7°53′N 98°24′E

When you are enjoying your once in a lifetime beach vacation to Phuket, and you want to chill for the day away from the madness, that is the day you go to Ya Nui beach. Instead of fighting the maddening crowd, play in the Andaman Sea without the same volume of tourists. Get some lounge chairs and cocktails maybe a massage at this beach spot. There are a couple places to eat, but it is nothing fancy.

The reason this beach compares so well with the rest of Phuket’s beaches is because it is quiet. It is certainly not the biggest or brashest. It does simple well. If you want to do something, you do it. The weather is most likely perfect in the dry season from December to March.  Technically, Ya Nui beach and Phuket have a tropical monsoon climate. It rains nearly 90 inches a year. The temperature here doesn’t move much with an average high about 90F, dipping to 77F at night.

Snorkeling here is amazing. You can rent gear on the beach. The corals and fish are beautiful. Be careful not to touch anything while you are in the water.  If you touch coral it dies, and you will hurt yourself. It is incredibly unforgiving. The waters can get rough, so stay a decent distance from rocks and things that may touch you back.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand at over 200 square miles. It is comparable in size to the city state of Singapore. The Portuguese first came to the beaches of Phuket in the 16th century. The Portuguese explorer noted Phuket on his maps as “Junk Ceylon”. Important as a stop on the trade route between China and India, this island has had an oversized impact on history for its size. Junk Ceylon or Phuket is 30 miles long by 13 miles wide. Most of this tropical island is mountainous and located just over 500 miles to the south of Bangkok.


Thank you to Tero and Valeria for sharing the wonderful photos of this beach. They are a lovely couple that make their home in Estonia.